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Whether you’re looking to get a new unit, or if you’ve decided it’s time to repair your current one, you’ll want to be sure you’re hiring the best technicians for the job. If you’ve done a Google search for good specialists in your area for furnace installation, you’re likely wondering how on earth you’re supposed to know which one is right for you. Trust us when we say, you’re not alone. The good news is, we’re here to help you decipher the jargon and know what to look for to make certain you’re hiring the best for your project.

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First and foremost, when inviting an expert into your home, you need to know you can put your trust in that contractor. Not only do you need to feel comfortable with them in your home and that they’ll do professional work, but you also need to know you’re covered in case of any unfortunate event. In other words, before a technician steps a single foot into your home, you’ll want to make sure they are fully licensed and bonded to back up both their work and their presence on your property. When you’re doing your research, always check that they are current with their credentials first. Most credible companies will offer this information on their websites to assure their clients they are in good hands.

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Once you’ve verified a potential contractor’s credentials, your next step is to review their services. It may sound silly, but not all companies offer the same services. Some are strictly residential or smaller appliance repair firms while others only focus on industrial units. A well-organized contractor website will make it easy for you to locate the services offered. And should also give you a little insight into the caliber of efficiency of their work. After you’ve confirmed your potential contractor of choice is not only fully licensed and bonded but also offers the specific service you’re looking for, there’s one last thing you can check to make sure you’re hiring the best service available. A company’s customer reviews and ratings will have a lot to tell you about the level of service and professionalism you can expect from them on your own projects. Make note of what their current customers have to say about their quality of work and overall satisfaction – this is your best form of gauging whether they’re going to be the best fit for your project.

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We go the extra mile with our clients to make sure they receive utmost in care and service. We’re proud of the fact that we have 5-star ratings on Yelp and Google and amazing reviews from our customers. So we love feedback and we love our customers! It’s our goal to build lasting relationships with our clients by providing them with unparalleled service whenever we’re needed. In order to provide our customers with the best possible experience, our focus is on top-tier customer service as well as keeping our technicians continually educated on the latest techniques and technology. These two concepts may seem simple, but they involve a deeply rooted commitment to be the best in the business. Being the best involves staying informed and creating the kind of customer relations that last a lifetime. And that, to us, is well worth the effort.

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Our technicians utilize the newest and most advanced equipment available today to ensure they always have exactly what is needed to take care of your project. We also keep our staff well-informed of all current areas of growth and concern such as technological advances or newly released recall or various brand and model issues that may arise as newer models get released. So we firmly believe that in order to be the best, we need to stay the most informed on every single aspect of our industry. We offer our clients the most knowledgeable staff and the most up-to-date equipment. And we are able to remain consistently a top 5-star service contractor in the area. The other major portion of our top-tier goal is to expand this customer service to include every aspect of our customer’s experience with us – from start to finish. We truly value our clients and go above and beyond to exceed their expectations of us. From very first communication to our same-day diagnostics, we are known for our speedy response to all requests. Whether it’s our easy one-click online service request or a more direct contact. We will respond to all of our customers swiftly – usually within 10 minutes of receiving your request! Why? You’re important to us, and we think that’s the best way to show it.

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No homeowner wants to hear the dreaded sounds of a unit on the fritz. No homeowner wants feel the bite of a cold room only to realize their heat source isn’t functioning properly. But the fact is, it happens a lot more frequently than most would care to imagine. Whether it’s from lackadaisical maintenance efforts or your unit is simply getting up there in age. We’re guessing that if you’re reading this, you may already be in this situation. So we’re going to go through your next steps with you. What should you do when your system breaks down?

For starters, the most important thing to consider if your unit is malfunctioning is the safety of your family. If you have natural gas unit, first make sure you don’t have any form of leak before going any further. So if you detect the tell-tale smell of spoiled eggs, it’s definitely time to get your family out of the house and to a safe location before alerting a local service. Also if your unit has been cleared of a potential leak, your next step is to set up temporary heat while you continue with the next steps. Moreover if you have a fireplace, these work well in localized areas to keep your family warm while you try to figure out the issue.

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Once you’ve gotten your family squared away, your next step is to try and troubleshoot your issue. It’s quite possible that the issues could be something very simple that do not require a service call. Some of the most common things to check include your thermostat, filters, and power sources. Ensure your thermostat and filters are clean and free from debris. So try using pressurized air to clean around your thermostat and change out your filter. Also, check your circuit breakers to make sure the switch hasn’t been tripped or a blown fuse is to blame.

If you’ve gone through simple checks and unit is still not functioning, it’s time to call in professionals. No worries, these things happen all the time and are usually easily fixed in very little time for minimal expense. But unless you’re certified expert, you’re going to need to contact technician at this point. Your technician will be able to tell you specifically what is causing your unit to malfunction. Besides he will be able to tell what is needed to get you back up and operational again.

We install every type of system available for home – from most common to most complex. Our vast experience has given us the knowledge and experience to confidently offer the right solution for your problem.

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