100 Reasons to Book Fuse HVAC & Appliance Repair

«Choose us!» so many companies tell you and there’s usually a cause why you listen; or why you don’t.

But we have the reason to say that we are the best company for appliances and HVAC repairing and installation.
Or, more precisely, 100 reasons.

PS And 101 reason: We have 100 reasons buy our services and zero against.


№ ReasonCustomer’s benefits
1The estimates are always freeWe do not charge you for our technicians inspection
2No charge if you are not satisfiedYou will get a full refund if something goes wrong
3Our prices are known to you in advanceAll pricing is listed on the website
4We provide 15% discount for regular customersYou can be sure that the next service will cost even less
5Flexible finance programIf you don’t have enough money, we will find a way to help you
6We don’t charge any money before the job is doneYou can be sure you don’t spend on any weird charges
7You can buy coupons for the discountVisit our yelp.com page to check them out
8We do not force customers to buy useless services or parts they don’t needWe do not try to trick you
9We choose the suppliers of parts for installation and  replacement with the best pricesWe carefully select them after a market analysis
10We don’t repair stuff beyond repair, we won’t lie to you What’s dead is dead
11Everything is accurately measured and calculatedOur estimators will provide you with the whole price break
12We monitor the competitor’s prices to be more beneficialYou can be sure you won’t find anyone cheaper
13We optimize our expenses to keep our prices lowWe know how to manage the funds
14We can help you get the rebates for the HVAC workLearn the details here
15We can help you get the rebates for the electrical workLearn the details here
16We can help you get the rebates for the heat pump water heaterLearn the details here 
17We provide general liability with high insurance coverageOur commercial customers are protected
18We provide up to 12 months warranty for the parts and 3 years warranty for the laborOur residential customers are protected
19Extended warranty for Mitsubishi and Bryant partsUp to 10 years for Bryant and 12 years for Mitsubishi parts
20We reward you for paying cashYou get a mini discount when paying with the check and a bigger discount when paying in cash
21We define the dates and stick to themIt is not our policy to be late or reschedule the appointment
22Customer support works 24/7Always in touch with our customers
24We offer a virtual estimate serviceIt is very convenient if you don’t have time (or don’t like people)
25Our technicians use the newest equipmentWe are not the fans of slow ancient tools
26Our technicians use the newest softwareIt works super fast
27Spare parts are always available at our storesYou won’t have to wait for the supplies to arrive
28In our team, it is customary to record and create remindersWe do not forget anything and are always on time
29We have a company fleetWe drive cool and fast cars
30We choose suppliers with the shortest delivery time of parts for replacementWe really don’t want to make you wait
31We are able to find the solution for unusual tasksOur techs are creative
32The manufacturers we work with educate us on their productsWe know a lot about what we install
33We make one-click order possible on our websiteJust one button, literally
34If you want to install solar panels, we can make a model of it and provide you with all the estimationsWe have an advanced program trained specifically for that
35Our software shows you all the stages of work being doneYou will know what happens even if you are not at home
36We reply really quickly to your inquiries on our websiteOur operators are always there to respond to you as fast as possible
37We do not spam you with SMS or e-mailWe value your time
38After working with us, almost all our customers come backNext time you already know who to call
39You can always reschedule your appointmentNo problem if your plans changed
40We are honestBefore you will approve our job for repair, we will make full diagnostics and will give you an honest conclusion
41Our technicians explain the problem in an easy wayWe easily translate technical terms to human language
42Our technicians leave the work place cleanFace mask and shoes covers are a must for our techs
43Our techs are pleasant peopleOur technicians are always polite and careful in your house
44Our technicians learn new all the timeOur dealers regularly hold training sessions for our techs, and we run a Fuse school classes every two weeks
45Our customer service is top-notchThere are no dissatisfied customers. Like, zero
46We are not afraid of hard workCustomers entrust us with really difficult projects
47We offer our support to receive the permitsYou won’t have to worry about getting the papers
48We know and follow all the necessary lawsYou won’t have any problems with legislation
49No information will be lost within our companyWe keep track of everything
50We keep the personal data of our customers safe and secureWe are not Facebook
51We are open to customers’ reasonable critiqueWe value your opinion
52We know our customers’ needsAnd we can fulfill them
53Our technicians know modern jokesAlways there to lighten up the mood
54We have perfect communication and understanding among our departmentsWe won’t confuse you
55We develop requirements and quality standards for our techniciansBest price-quality rate
56We like petsCustomers and customers’ pets have less stress
57We are constantly expanding our service serving areaService is super close to your home
58We avoid aggressive salesNobody likes them anyway
59You don’t need to choose among our technicians. They are all the bestBut if you like someone particularly, you can tell us and we will send only them to your house
60We are a proudly paperless companyYou can talk to us, you can email us, but no papers please
61We have an incredible websiteIt is easy to use to find the necessary information
62We are customer orientedBest rate price-quality
63We offer maintenance plansThat will help you keep your assets in best condition without worrying
64We know the latest technology achievements and implement themOur service is getting better and better as the time goes
65We document all orders. We create a knowledge baseOur technicians are getting smarter and smarter as the time goes
66We are a very open company and we always share our installationsYou can read about them in our blog
67Our software shows you all the stages of work being doneYou will know what happens at all times
68We cover HVAC, electrical, plumbing, refrigeration works. You name it, we do itYou don’t have to contact multiple contractors to renovate the whole house
69We have a franchise network throughout the whole USAWe help you even if you are not in Bay Area
70We have a YouTube channelWe show you our projects here – our YouTube channel
71Our boss is a cool guy and he has his own YouTube channelYou can watch his videos
72We have Instagram and TikTok accountsDon’t forget to follow us on both Instagram and TikTok
73We share useful tips on your HVAC and electrical assets in Instagram stories and emailsYou can learn new things and impress your friends
74We also share funny memes in our InstagramYou can make your friends laugh after you’ve impressed them
75You can always take a picture with our technicians. It’s free of chargeShow it to your friends and family
76We open new business linesYou will get even more services
77We keep an eye on each other’s tasks and help with advice if neededYour situation will be solved 100%
78Our technicians are homeowners themselvesThey know exactly what they are installing in your house and how to manage it
79We are always looking for the new ways to improve our tech and communicationWe honestly like to learn new ourselves
80Our technicians work fastEverything will be done and ready in a blink of an eye
81We are Mitsubishi Diamond Elite ContractorThey love us
82We are Bryant’s authorized dealerThey love us too
83We are a BayREN Participating ContractorGuess what? Yes, they also love us
84Homeadvisor screened and gave FUSE the status of elite serviceOkay we are not writing it for the fourth time but you know they do
85We are SuperPRO by Housecall ProHousecall Pro made an audit of our company and ruled that we are SuperPROs
86We are Best HVAC & Furnace Repair Services in San Jose according to ExpertiseThey did not take it from nowhere
87Our technicians are NATE certifiedWe earned the North American Technician Excellence
88Our technicians are EPA certifiedWe are an environment safe company
89We have a C36 licenseWe get you covered in plumbing works
90We have a C38 licenseWe get you covered in refrigeration works
91We have a C10 licenseWe get you covered in electrical works
92We have a C20 licenseWe get you covered in HVAC works
93We are a certified SPAN panel installerWe got a sufficient training to install SPAN panels
94We have a 5 star rating on YELPPeople trust us
95We have a 5 star rating on GooglePeople trust us
96Our competitors rate us rather highThis is proof of our best rate price-quality
97We also do commercial appliances and HVACWe have worked with many commercial clients
98FUSE is a green companyWe promote the renewable sources of energy (ask us about solar panels and equipment of highest efficiency)
99We are in the market for 14 yearsYou know you can trust us
100Our favorite customer said we were the bestDid we mention that our favorite client is you?


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